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About Us


Who We Are

Hi, I’m JB and welcome to my website. was created for those of us that could use a little motivation, goal or just a good idea to help us get through the week. Lately I noticed that there are a lot of unhappy people walking around. Maybe it is the economy, maybe personal issues or maybe just a lack of motivation and not knowing where to find it. So, I thought that since most people don’t have the power to change the world in one day, we can start today with ourselves.


Maybe if we were more motivated or just a little happier, it would spread and make the world a better place. If nothing else, we would feel better. Since I would like to feel better, I thought you might too! This site has weekly video tips to motivate you or make you laugh, to put you in a better mood. If you like the video, I recommend that you watch it throughout the week to make the idea stick. And last, you will find ideas and coupons from advertisers that might just help you get through the week.


Most important is to enjoy the site and let’s have a Great Week!